Website design for Syngenta Bangladesh


Syngenta is one of the leading agricultural companies in the world. They have been operating in Bangladesh for a long time. Syngenta Bangladesh wanted us to develop their brand new website to represent their activities in Bangladesh


Being a global brand syngenta always expected an international standard website with which they can stay ahead of their competitors and other regional offices. At the same time they have a very strict brand guidelines and restrictions on technology usages. We took the challenge and developed the website they always wanted.

Clean UI

Since we had limitations on choosing the layout we have decided to design the cleanest and most user friendly design possible. Keeping their products in mind we have tried to showcase the brand story and their impact on local agriculture.

Secured platform

Since Syngenta Global only uses “Drupal” content management system for all their global and regional websites so we have used Drupal for the development of the website. We have worked with a global technical team to implement the website.

Content creation

Keeping local context in mind we rewrote old content and developed new content for the website. We always kept the local audience in mind and followed brand guidelines of Syngenta.