Branding for Kumudini Handicrafts


Kumudini is one of the oldest operating brands of Bangladesh operating since 1947. Their concern Kumudini Handicrafts is providing high quality cloth products to its nice customer base. Their main vision is to introduce Bangladeshi traditional clothing to the world and also women empowerment.


Behind the name kumudini there is a long story. Founder Randa Prashad started the brand kumudini to challenge women inequality in the society and empower women because he saw her mother went through tragic incidents for being women and lost her life without treatment. So the brand always worked for empowering women and establishing in society. In kumudini handicrafts almost all of their artisans are women and they have stories of being successful. So through our branding we were required to establish a strong brand identity which represents women empowerment.

Our Approch

Our aim was to create a brand identity which will portray a strong independent woman along with a caring mother who cares for her childs. So we have decided to use certain elements which can portray them. Since Kumudini didn’t want to change their old logo by full so we have worked on the previous one and delivered a more enhanced version with proper branding rules.

Our inspirations

Logo elements

Logo conceptualization


Type face

Initial logo versions

Pattern design

Final logo

Brand elements

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