Denim Expo Branding for Envoy Textile


Envoy Textile Ltd is a world class denim textile company supplying denim to brands like H&M, Zara and many others. They are the first LEED Platinum certified denim factory in World. They focus on sustainability and innovation. Envoy was participating in a textile convention Denim Expo, a prestigious event in Bangladesh that happens every year. It is an event where all the giants of the textile industry, particularly denim manufacturers display their collection to potential clients in a week long exhibition. So our job was to represent their brand ethics and values.


As Denim Expo is a place where many denim manufacturers promote their textile, our challenge was to beat the competition using branding tac ticks that highlights Envoy’s uniqueness. Finding a unique branding approach in a saturated competition was our challenge which we turned into an opportunity.

Our Approch

We knew in the Denim Expo, the presence of world wide buyers will be high, as for them it is a right place to seek for partnership with textile manufacturers particularly the ones who maintain global standards. Our strategy was to target these buyers using an approach that best suits Envoy’s brand essence.


We have created a series of contents for all mediums. We created a unique brand voice and brand identity to represent their message to the world. Our unique tagline “Denim is in our nature” created a huge buzz and brought success to them achieving connection.

Event Brochure

Brand Elements

Social media creative