Launching The Way Dhaka


The Way Dhaka is one of the finest luxury boutique hotels located at the heart of Dhaka city. Starting their journey in 2016 they have differentiated themselves by their spectacular interior, culinary foods and true international standards.

We were appointed to create a digital presence of the hotel along with brand perception to a very specific and niche audience group.


Being a complete new property with too many unique selling points was a big challenge for us.
When we were approached by the General Manager, we knew what was expected; his high expectation made us ambitious and work profoundly. Although there were established boutique hotels in Dhaka alongside with some international chains, Way Dhaka however came with new features that are not offered by others;

Our Approch

In Way Dhaka, we noticed many design details which can be promoted in the form of contents and also the stories about their team which can be shared. From modern contemporary interiors to luxurious rooms, we conceptualized all aspects in the form of contents. Additionally, Way Dhaka has one of the best chefs with years of global culinary experience; which we also brought to the limelight. We strategize, design, and deliver different content marketing campaigns which helped us to achieve our goals

Content marketing: We have identified the right audience and created the right contents that connect with them. From static social media graphics to high quantity video production, photography, web contents, magazine articles and advertisements we have covered all the formats to fill up their social presence .

Social media marketing and management: By identifying the right social media channels our task was to create brand identity in the popular social channels where targeted audience is present. Alongside with that, we have monitored and managed different social media platforms for the hotel for publication and community management. The result was a massive fan base that came from organic reach.

Co marketing with different brands: We partnered with different brands to design marketing campaigns that promoted the hotel as our target was to reach a wide range of audience. On one of our co marketing campaigns with Ecstacy, a popular clothing brand in Dhaka, we received an overwhelming response from the audience which eventually led to revenue generation

Example social media creatives

Example animations